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  • The curvilinear legs support this beautiful mahogany Italian table. The top is surrounded with a raised frame. On the sides frame meats a center drawer with lock and key. Left side needs minor repair. A truly rich color adds to the weight of this jewel of a table. Origin : Italy Circa : 1900s 19 w 12.5d 27 h $1500

  • Italian octagonal table on tapered legs has a center satin wood inlay in the form of star. The surrounding vertical apron also has satin wood inlays alternating around the entire table. There is a complicated interesting vertical stretcher connecting all the legs. Certainly a masterful design and execution.  Good condition.   Origin : Italy...

  • Round tapered legs fitted with brass feet support dark wood round side table. The paneled apron adds appropriate weight for the proportions and is surrounded with brass beading inlay. The table and top are rich in grain. Handsome and elegant in its simpicity. Origin : Italy Circa : 1890s w d 25 h $2200

  • Italian rectangular side table on delicate cabriole legs with shelf and inlay of lighter wood throughout. Overall good condition but there is some minor damage on the side of the table that can be fixed. See photos. Origin : Italy Circa : 1900 30 w 16d 27 h $1800

  • This mid-century table is solid and beautifully curved with 4 supporting arms under the table top. Medium colored wood. Handsome small table can sit perfect between 2 chairs or as a bedside table. Time appropriate condition. Origin : France Circa : 1950s 15.5" w 15.5"d 20" h $1200

  • Pair of Chinese rice measurers made from Chinese Elm wood with a Chinese lacquer finish. The top lifts off for storage. Origin : China Circa : 1880s w d 12" h $1200 for pair

  • Pair of Neo-classical French Grey Painted Side Tables with gorgeously sculpted legs.  Neoclassicism refers to Western decorative and visual arts literature theater music and architecture that draw inspiration from the "classical" art Ancient Greece or Rome.  Finely crafted original hardware. Origin : France Circa : 1880s 26 w 26d 21 h $1800

  • Round Mahogany Italian Table has a gracefully scalloped top with a curving apron surrounding it. It sits on curving cabriolet legs with a connecting stretcher. Great end table or side table.  Good condition.   Origin : Italy Circa : 1900 32 w 32d 27.5 h $2600

  • Set of 3 lovely faux tortoise nesting tables.  Elegantly fit into each other to save space.  Imagine the convenience and space availability this would give you in your chic New York apartment. Origin : France Circa : Contemporary w d h $850

  • Three stylish and space-efficient mahogany nesting tables.  Nesting tables come in so handy for holding drinks at parties and this particularly elegant set might steal the show next time you have friends over! Delicate tapering cabriole legs with claw feet support a rectangular top.  Origin : Other Circa : 1930s 22 w 16.5d 21 h $750

  • Attractive antique English tilt-top table. Warm honey colored wood. Exceptionally well-preserved piece. Top sits on tripod cabriole legs. Great piece to be placed by a window with a vase and flowers.  Can be used as a side table.  Very compact and space efficient. Origin : England Circa : 1860s w d 31 h $5500

  • This is a great side table made from an original portable desk. It is made of mahogany with orignal brass inlay rails around the outside. Inside is the original purple velvet lining and small compartments for storing writing supplies. These were carried onto boats and carriages for the rich to continue with their correspondances while traveling. ...