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  • Chinese bench in deep red Chinese lacquer made out of Chinese elm wood. Sturdy and strong can add a cushion or as is for a great bench by the fire or end of bed. Also could be used in a library for men's horizontal filing! In good time appropriate condition. Origin : China Circa : 1800s 70.5 w 18.25d 21 h $4200

  • These original day beds have grown to have a variety of uses in today’s homes. This Chinese day bed has a bamboo slatted center mat.; some have rattan or wood center. The wonderful reddish light brown color is warm and the supporting railing has vertical supports reaching up to meet the frame of the bed.  Origin : China Circa : 1850s 64 w 20d 21 h $4500

  • This Chinese day bed has a natural wax finish. It is made out from light elm; it’s in good condition with some ornamentation on the legs. This day bed can be used as bench at the end of the bed by the window or as a coffee table. Origin : China Circa : 1890s 81 w 22d 20 h $4200

  •   This very early Chinese day bed is unusually large and made of old elm. It can be used as a day bed with cushions on it or as a large coffee table. It will look especially handsome in informal large rooms. The wood is beautiful solid Chinese Elm with a deep rich brownish red finish. Very good condition & great volume& scale. Origin : China...

  • This is a hand hewed early American rustic bench with wood pegs. Great bench for smaller spaces or use a small coffee table. Origin : America Circa : 1900s w d h $850

  • French small bench or coffee table. Solid walnut wood has lighter honey hews. Origin : France Circa : 1920s 35 w 17.5d 18 h $850

  • Antique French church bench made of dark fruitwood.  This particular wood is made of any of several fruit-bearing trees such as the apple, cherry, or pear, and is typically used in cabinetmaking.  This could have a variety of uses.  It would look great in a family room paired with a large farm table. This is also great in front of a fire....

  • French Vintage Settee with one matching chair, sold seperately if desired. Painted in French blue. Seat is painted cane with blue fabric adorned with fancy fringe. Nice period piece. It will suit a boudoir sun room or small sitting room very well.  Definitely conversation pieces. Origin : France Circa : 1900s 51 w 17.5d 39 h $2800

  • French iron Gothic style bench from the 1920s.  It's gorgeous with beautiful vintage style and cross tops. Bench can be paired with brightly colored cushions for a lovely patio piece.  Slightly greenish off-white original paint chips still remain can be cleaned and weather treated per request. Origin : France Circa : 1920s 39 w 19d 54 h $2200

  • French iron curved grey bench from the 1920s.  It's gorgeous with beautiful vintage style and soft curvature to the seating area.  Bench can be paired with brightly colored pillows for a unique patio piece. Origin : France Circa : 1920s 45 w 24d 29 h $1200

  • Pair of antique Iron Benches – the perfect garden benches. Very unique pieces. Formed with precise French wrought iron handiwork and displays the characteristic ‘S’ curvature that French ironwork was known for at the end of the 1800s. They are deep and would be so comfortable with mattress and pillow set. They fold up for storage. ...

  • French hand-painted prayer bench with signature from the 1930s. Charmingly painted with a flower motif.  This is a very unique piece and even displays the artists’ signature. Origin : France Circa : 1930s 22 w 25d 35 h $1500