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  • French 2-tiered serving cart with chrome accents and wheels. Chrome is in time appropriate condition but could use some polishing. Overall the cart is in good condition. Useful period piece for living rooms libraries. Origin : France Circa : 1950s 34 w 17d 26 h $875

  • A set of vintage green colored glasses for punch or fancy candle holders. Nice accent on the window with light coming though them in the morning. Can be used as single vase or better all four together to create an interesting vignette. Origin : America Circa : 1950 w d 7 h sold

  • This 3-pc porcelain bathroom set consists of a powder jar perfume jar and Eau de Cologne jar. Wonderful Paris flea-market find will make an instant bathroom make-over. Stamped Gien Porcelain Made in France. Bottles: 6.5"h x 3" dia Jar: 5.5"h x 4.25" dia Origin : France Circa : 1940s w d 6.5 h $300

  • Set of 4 vintage American brown glass bottles in different sizes.  Together they make a composed glass vignette.  Great on the window sill with light streaming though them. Origin : America Circa : 1920 w d 7 to 10.5 h $200

  • 5-piece martini set consisting of a pitcher and 4 classic martini glasses.  Hand painted with large lilies and leaves.  Fill these with cosmos the next time you entertain in the garden.  Pitcher measurements: 8h x 6w x 5d. Origin : France Circa : Contemporary w d 5 h $150

  • Today many African women utilize traditional weaving techniques to create gorgeous intricately patterned baskets. By harvesting natural and local materials - such as wild grasses, small vines and palm leaves.  This basket was woven using the over and under weaving technique where they weave the natural materials together with strips of plastic bags...

  • Vintage American Checkerboard.  Hand-painted red and black game board.  Good for adding a vintage look to a space.  Great for a memorable family game night too! Origin : America Circa : 1930s 28 w 1.25d 19 h $395

  • Vintage American picnic basket by Red Man. Beautiful woven pattern. Absolutely adorable accent piece! See our blog post: Origin : America Circa : 1900s 18.25 w 12d 10 h $550

  • A wonderful selection of original iron pieces from the French countryside available. Originally balcony balustrades, window guards or door ornamentation. Many unique ideas for these: coffee table/end table topped with glass, front of an elegant hall console or buffet serving piece, mounted on a wall or in garden. Origin : France Circa : 1850s 44"...

  • French antique plaster plaque painted in soft green with gold wreath and cherubs playing in the center of the wreath. Unique ornamental addition to a room. Origin : France Circa : 1890s 15 w 6d h $950

  • Antique Chinese water bucket is made out of teak wood with hand painted decorative design. It has a glowing patina and exquisite carved carrying handle. Great for magazines, papers, kindling wood, or just a handsome accent piece. Origin : China Circa : 1890 16 w 16d 24 h $495

  • This basket is now a stunning chandelier for enrty way or kitchen,hand woven in Asia dating to early 1900's.  It is simply painted to add a unique look. Great shape and size.  Beautiful circular spiral design on the inside.  Good condition.  Origin : Other Circa : Contemporary w d 16 h $950