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  • A 15 panel barn window mirror made in 70s. It has sturdy painted off white/French grey frame with some distress in paint. Origin : America Circa : 1970s 45 w 2d 65 h $1500

  • A pair of French Antique gold leaf mirrors on wood frame. The oval gold leaf frames have rising carving in the top center with good relief and some small carvings in the lower center. The gold frames are mounted in a medium dark fruit wood frame. a handsome pair for a hall living room bed room or dining room to reflect the room and add light. Origin :...

  • An early American crescent-shaped barn window. Retains its original paint finish. Can be used as a mirror or as a decorative architectural element. Origin : America Circa : 1850s 47" w 2"d 32" h $2200

  • This mirror was bought in Paris at flea market. Frame is painted in satin black. Mirror made in Moroccan style. This mirror can be a great accent piece for many spaces. From 1950s. Origin : Chinese  Circa : 1950s 24 w 1d 63 h $2100

  • French antique mirror in original gold leaf.  This has a classic French shape with the top two corners rounded and the etched desing with the small beadding surroundding the mirror. Mirror is in good condition with some time appropriate imperfections. Great for over a bureau a hallway or above a fireplace mantle. Origin : France Circa : 1870s...

  • French antique mirror in original gold leaf. In the classic French style it has etched scrolling on the widest part of the mirror and delicate beading surrounds the mirror. A hint of red patina works it way through the gold leaf as in all original French guilding. Mirror is in good condition with some time appropriate imperfections. Great bathroom living...

  • Antique French gilt mirror in excellent condition. Great size for bathrooms or bedrooms above a vanity. The frame as geometric engravings. Origin : France Circa : 1920s 31 w 2d 46.75 h $4200

  • Petite antique French mirror with gold leafing.  One in such good condition is quite a rare find as gold leafing tends to experience a lot of wear and tear.  Perfect accent for a hallway or bedroom.  Beautiful piece. Origin : France Circa : 1920s 17 w 1.5d 22 h $1500

  • An early American 12-panel old barn window retaining its original green painted finish. Made into a mirror. Origin : Circa : 1850s 54" w 1.75"d 46.5" h $1500

  • This pair of mid-1800s shaped French mirrors are each etched by hand. A portrait of an exquisite male and female in the clothing typical to that time period. Great fun for a dressing room or bedroom reminiscent of the glorious days of French royalty. Origin : France Circa : Contemporary 9 w d 15.5 h $1600

  • This fabuous piece came from an old New England store where it was the main front window in the old original house. Unusually large a great piece to catch sunlight and reflect hues around the room. An architectural treasure for sure. Origin : America Circa : 1850s 48 w 85.5d 1.75 h $4200

  • Exquisite three panel mirrored standing screen from a 19th century boudoir or dressing room. Rich fruitwood frame holds original mirrors and orignal hardware. The central panel has a rosette carving on the top and the two side mirror frames curve up slightly towards rosette in an appealing way. Great balance in this overall piece. Side mirrors have...