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  • A 15 panel barn window mirror made in 70s. It has sturdy painted off white/French grey frame with some distress in paint. Origin : America Circa : 1970s 45 w 2d 65 h $1500

  • This mirror was bought in Paris at flea market. Frame is painted in satin black. Mirror made in Moroccan style. This mirror can be a great accent piece for many spaces. From 1950s. Origin : Chinese  Circa : 1950s 24 w 1d 63 h $2100

  • An early American 12-panel old barn window retaining its original green painted finish. Made into a mirror. Origin : Circa : 1850s 54" w 1.75"d 46.5" h $1500

  • This fabuous piece came from an old New England store where it was the main front window in the old original house. Unusually large a great piece to catch sunlight and reflect hues around the room. An architectural treasure for sure. Origin : America Circa : 1850s 48 w 85.5d 1.75 h $4200

  • Exquisite three panel mirrored standing screen from a 19th century boudoir or dressing room. Rich fruitwood frame holds original mirrors and orignal hardware. The central panel has a rosette carving on the top and the two side mirror frames curve up slightly towards rosette in an appealing way. Great balance in this overall piece. Side mirrors have...