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  • A 15 panel barn window mirror made in 70s. It has sturdy painted off white/French grey frame with some distress in paint. Origin : America Circa : 1970s 45 w 2d 65 h $1500

  • A French gilded brass five arm crystal drop chandelier with all original sparkling glass crystals. This crystal drop chandelier’s charm lays in the complex array of crystal prisms used to illuminate any room with an abundance of refracted light.Can be rewired upon request. Origin : France Circa : 1900s 18" w x  16" h $950

  • Exceptionally made French antique crystal chandelier. The 6 brass arms are covered with crystal casts which gives this piece very unusual and special look, adds gret illumination to a room, almost floating.  Origin : France Circa : Late 19th Century 26 w x 18 h $2000

  • Absolutely wonderful very sculptural chairs from Chinese elm in reddish Chinese lacquer with some deep pink hues. Origin : China Circa : 1880s 24 w 17.5d 45.5 h $2500

  • A pair of French Empire Bergere armchairs covered in cream and gold fabric damask. All wooden rails are intricately carved. Fluted legs.

  • A pair of French Antique gold leaf mirrors on wood frame. The oval gold leaf frames have rising carving in the top center with good relief and some small carvings in the lower center. The gold frames are mounted in a medium dark fruit wood frame. a handsome pair for a hall living room bed room or dining room to reflect the room and add light. Origin :...

  • A single cast iron 2-arm table lamp from France. Probably made from part of an aged grate. Base has nice aged patina. Small lamp shades are from 50s and come with lamp. Charming piece with a lot of character. Origin : Circa : 1890s 14" w 8"d 12" h $950

  • Today many African women utilize traditional weaving techniques to create gorgeous intricately patterned baskets. By harvesting natural and local materials - such as wild grasses, small vines and palm leaves.  This basket was woven using the over and under weaving technique where they weave the natural materials together with strips of plastic bags...

  • An early American crescent-shaped barn window. Retains its original paint finish. Can be used as a mirror or as a decorative architectural element. Origin : America Circa : 1850s 47" w 2"d 32" h $2200

  • Vintage American Checkerboard.  Hand-painted red and black game board.  Good for adding a vintage look to a space.  Great for a memorable family game night too! Origin : America Circa : 1930s 28 w 1.25d 19 h $395

  •   This American 4-drawer chest has bronze handles and is made from American Walnut. It is very elegant and has four deep drawers. Origin : America Circa : 1930 40 w 18d 43 h $2200

  • Charming painted chest of drawers. Original handles and hardware. Some chipping paint reveals another coat of paint underneath. Origin : America Circa : 1900 38.5 w 17.5d 34.5 h $850